Who We Are

Church Sign

Our Mission

Growing and Equipping Disciples of Jesus Christ

Our Vision

We Envision a Community of Disciples of Jesus Christ Spurring One Another Toward Faithful Obedience to Christ

Core Values

Because our faith and life are centered in Jesus Christ:

  • We value allegiance to the reign of God above all other powers. 
  • We value the reading of Scripture that leads to authentic obedience to Jesus Christ. We understand Scripture through Christ, discerned in community and guided by the Holy Spirit. 
  • We value God’s mission of reconciliation to the world and participate as sent disciples by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through worship, witness and service. 
  • We value believer’s baptism as a sign of new life in Christ that includes a vital commitment to a local congregation. 
  • We value the Way of Peace as a way of living that is deeply rooted in the Gospel and expresses Christ’s love in all human relationships, even with our enemies. 
  • We value a congregation of disciples who live intentionally as a culturally-relevant contrast to the world where mutual care, accountability, and discernment are Christ-centered and Spirit-led. 
  • We value the Christian home as a primary setting for nurturing faith and healthy relationships. 
  • We value simplicity, integrity, justice, and personal and global stewardship that reflect Christ and honor God.