About Us

We are located in Lancaster County surrounded by farmland but we are making a difference for the Kingdom of God at home and around the world.
Our congregation is a warm unique blend of all ages. We strive to grow and serve the Lord Jesus through our everyday lives.

Lead Pastor ~ Gary Blosser
Ministry Leader of Christian Discipleship ~ Ben Herr
Ministry Leader of Great Commission
Ministry Leader of Nurture and Care ~ Don Beachy
Ministry Leader of Stewardship
Ministry Leader of Worship ~ Justin Eberly
Ministry Leader of Youth ~ Leandro Dueck
Bishops ~ Rodney Martin, Joe Miller

Millport Mennonite Meeting House - 1846



The original church building was built in 1846.  It was used by various groups for worship including the Methodists, United Brethren, Evangelical, United Zion and Brethren.

The Mennonites were asked by Horace Young, a trustee, to begin services.  He then attended the church for years to come.